Things You Might Want To Know Before Choosing The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney acts as an ally to her clients in this criminal justice jungle. A defense attorney is a person who represents an accused in front of the jury, the judge, and the prosecutor.

So if you are accused of some criminal charges in Orange County, you immediately need to hire a criminal defense attorney. But before hiring one, there are certain things that you must know before finalizing your defense attorney decision.

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney: Things To Know Before You Hire

It is earth-shattering for a person who is being accused of a crime. At that particular moment, he needs to be very thoughtful while hiring a criminal defense attorney to handle his case since his future and his reputation is at stake.  The wrong decision can change the course of action of his entire life.

Below is the list of things that you must know before hiring a criminal defense attorney:

  • Experience Matters:

With all your reputation at stake after being accused of a crime, you don’t want to hire an attorney who is less experienced as that might cost you. An attorney with tons of experience knows the case’s nitty-gritty and can wield it better than an inexperienced one.

  • Availability Matters:

Before hiring an attorney, it is important to know how readily and quickly she will be available to deal with an emergency if it occurs. An attorney who does not respond to his clients within 24-48 hours could be considered notorious and unprofessional.

  • Enquire About The Credibility:

It is essential to know beforehand how reputed, skilled, and trustworthy your attorney is.  To inquire about your attorney’s credibility, you can interact with other attorneys or refer to the state bar.  An attorney having a reputation of being professional, trustworthy, ethical and compassionate is the best fit for your case as it is vital for the quick and favorable resolution of the case.

  • Responsibility Of Your Case:

The attorney you hired may ask his junior attorneys to handle your case files or to represent you in the courtroom. It is legitimate on your part to know beforehand who will be in charge of your case. Do not assume anything.

  • Legal Fee:

It is better to compare the prices beforehand to ensure that your attorney charges a genuine fee for the services he is offering.  Moreover, you must keep in mind that a legal process can get expensive, so you must consider the services, in turn, an attorney is offering for the fee he is charging.


Regretting later while sitting back about the choice of attorney you hired when you were accused of a crime, after being sentenced for a long time, is not something you would want. Your reputation is at stake when you are accused of a crime. Hence it is better to know the things beforehand while hiring a criminal defense attorney in Orange County.  If your or a loved on is under investigation or accused of a crime, call the best criminal defense attorney Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense today at 855-505-5588.

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