Don’t Fall Victim and Become a Blind Drug Mule!

Blind Drug Mule

What is a blind drug mule?  A “blind drug mule” is a person used by criminals from a Drug Trafficking Organization (“DTO”) to unknowingly transport drugs.  It is a horrifying experience to be used as a blind drug mule and end up with federal criminal charges.

Drug smugglers in Mexico are notorious for targeting unsuspected Americans who turn into a blind drug mule.  They usually target Americans who have crossing privileges into Mexico, sometimes using a local Mexican mechanic to alter the vehicle during car repairs, concealing drugs in a hidden altered compartment.  Many Americans go to Mexico to pay less for certain services, including car repairs.  Once the mechanic realizes the customer is an American and asks friendly questions in order to determine how often they cross into the United States, they plan their smuggling efforts.

Recently our firm was successful in getting all charges dismissed for an elderly American client who resides in Mexico.  She sought car repairs from someone who had previously worked on her car.  After some friendly chit-chat, the client disclosed she was going to the US to run some errands and needed her car fixed so she wouldn’t break down in the process.  The mechanic agreed to fix her car, so she left it with him for several hours.  Upon her return to the mechanic, she picked up her car and was on her way.  Little did she know she had just become a blind drug mule.  During the repairs, the mechanic created a fake compartment where he placed a large quantity of methamphetamine.  He also installed a GPS tracker so the drug traffickers on the US side of the border could locate the car and retrieve the drugs.


Blind Drug Mule and Cell Phone Evidence

The prosecutors were trying to use our client’s phone contents against her to try and argue that she knew what she was doing.  However, there no text messages that could remotely indicate knowledge of drug smuggling, so we pressed on and stood our ground for justice.  People who are accused of drug importation need to realize that the feds will confiscate all of your electronic devices when you are arrested, and then forensically review EVERYTHING.  Thankfully in this situation, our client’s phone had no incriminating evidence and her case was dismissed.

If you or someone you know is charged in federal court as a drug smuggler, we can help.  Contact Kenney Legal Defense for a drug crime defense today for a free case quote.

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