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Tips For Choosing The Right Criminal Attorney Irvine

When you yourself or a friend or relative is facing a criminal charge, it is important to get the help of a private criminal defense attorney Irvine. When looking for a private lawyer, it is important to understand that not all lawyers are made equal. You have to be careful when evaluating an attorney. The following tips will help you avoid the wrong ones and find the best legal professional to handle your case.

Key Tips to Choosing a Private Attorney

Follow these tips to ensure that you are choosing the right criminal defense attorney Irvine:

  • Find out if the law office will handle your case themselves or sell to other lawyers.
  • Check the law firm’s name and if the criminal defense attorney Irvine is a registerd member of the California state bar.
  • It will also help find out how many members on the criminal defense team that will help with your case. It is better if a team is working on your case.
  • It will be best to hire the services of a law firm with top ratings.
  • Look for a law firm or criminal defense attorney Irvine that regularly goes to trial.  Keep in mind there are very few that can receive Complete Acquittals on a regular basis, but jury trial experience is one of he most important factors if you are fighting your case. Those are the lawyers you should be looking to fight for you.

When you consult different lawyers, ask them the number of jury trials that they have completed. You can also ask them to provide information about the last dozen jury trial they were able to manage and the outcome of each. Make sure that the concerned Irvine Defense Attorney has the trial experience you need for your particular case.  There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys who claim to have trial experience and they don’t, so be careful.  So consider all these tips when choosing the right lawyer for yourself. Attorney Karren Kenney is one of the most experienced criminal defense jury trial lawyers and her team can help you with your criminal case.  Contact them today at (855) 505-5588.


Criminal Attorney Irvine - Kenney Legal Defense



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