Wire Fraud

What Constitutes Federal Wire Fraud?

Federal wire fraud is best defined as any fraudulent scheme that intentionally deceives another via a wire format. A wire format is open to interpretation, however, common forms of communication via wires include television advertisements, internet services such as emails or faxes, and telephone calls. That being said, in order for someone to be guilty …

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Dishonest Federal Prosecutors – Hold Them Accountable!

Dishonest federal prosecutors who engage in prosecutorial misconduct is a serious issue that can affect the lives of innocent people. In our criminal system, prosecutors have a lot of power. They have the power to decide whether to bring charges against someone, what to charge them with, whether to allow them to plead to lesser …

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Common Defenses for Wire Fraud

Wire fraud happens when an individual uses a device to send information across state lines with the intention of defrauding someone. It’s a serious crime with penalties ranging from probation to 20 years in prison with only a single offense. When wire fraud includes a financial institution or can be connected to a federally declared emergency situation, those penalties rise to $1,000,000 in fines and a possibility of 30 years in prison.

Federal Criminal Wire Fraud Charges

Fraud is a type of crime that can take on many different identities. Wire fraud charges is one such identity and it occurs when a scam takes place over interstate wires such as phone lines, electronic sources such as fax machines, or over the Internet. People who commit wire fraud are typically looking for personal …

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