If you are facing theft charges, a criminal law attorney can help you fight them.   “Theft” charges are very common in Orange County, California, with the majority being charged as shoplifting (petty theft).   However, there are several other degrees of theft that can potentially result in a substantial prison sentence.  It’s important to understand…

Crime attorney As a crime attorney, I am often faced with a situation where my client has voluntarily given a statement to the police, and later claims that he was never given his Miranda rights.  Although it depends on the circumstances surrounding the questioning, if a person is contacted by the police and voluntarily answers…

For anyone facing misdemeanor or felony charges in any of the criminal court located in Orange County, California, you need to understand the basics of  how the criminal court process works and what to expect even before you hire a criminal lawyer.   No matter what type of misdemeanor you may be charged with (DUI, petty…

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